Industry news, new products, and technical information about low-power, low-data-rate wireless networking.

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Smart Antennas Boast PoE-Capable Reader   February 9, 2016

Smart antenna captures RAIN RFID tags up to 150 feet away while enabling cost-effective deployment options for retail, manufacturing, and logistics.More>>

Multi-Wideband VHF, UHF, GPS 2-Way Radio Antenna Enables Seamless First Responder Communications    February 27, 2014

Multi-Wideband VHF, UHF, GPS 2-Way Radio Antenna Enables Seamless First Responder Communications More>>

Northrop Grumman Reinvents Satellite Communications for Aircraft   December 13, 2013

In one year, Northrop Grumman Corporation took a satellite communications system normally used in space and transformed it into a high-functioning, low-cost communications system that can be used on aircraft.More>>

Long-Range Wireless Radios from FreeWave   September 2, 2012

Spartan Series wireless radios for government and defense markets from FreeWave Technologies, Boulder, CO, incorporate FIPS 140-2 encryption technology for secure long-range communications. More>>

Dual-Band Wireless SoC from Redpine Signals   May 20, 2012

The RS9333 from Redpine Signals Inc., San Jose, CA, is a simultaneous dual-band 5 GHz MIMO 802.11ac and 2.4 GHz BT4.0 802.11n chipset that offers PHY data throughputs up to 1.3 Gbps and an advanced 802.11ac feature set encompassing multi-user MIMO and LDPC. More>>

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WiFi-Enabled Lighting Control from Acuity Brands   May 20, 2012

The nWifi system from Sensor Switch has been added to the nLight network lighting control technology from Acuity Brands Inc., Atlanta, GA. More>>

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Intelligent Bluetooth Modules from Wireless Cables   March 25, 2012

The AIRcable SMD Bluetooth module from Wireless Cables Inc., San Jose, CA, is a wireless programmable microcontroller that lets you build wireless products without needing additional microcontrollers. More>>

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Wi-Fi Module from Texas Instruments   March 25, 2012

The SimpleLink Wi-FI CC3000 from Texas Instruments Inc., Dallas, TX, is a self-contained 802.11 network processor that lets you add Internet connectivity to any embedded application. More>>

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Wireless Module from North Pole Engineering   March 25, 2012

The Wasp from North Pole Engineering, Minneapolis, MN, is a standalone Wi-Fi module that provides a bridge for ANT+ sensor devices to communicate through Wi-Fi networks to other devices or over the Internet. More>>

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Wi-Fi Module from LS Research   March 25, 2012

The TiWi-SL from LS Research, Cedarburg, WI, is a self-contained 802.11 transceiver module that provides easy wireless connectivity integration with an embedded system. More>>

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