Signal Conditioning

News, new products, and technical information on discrete components used in the sensor signal chain, including A/D conversion, D/A conversion, amplifiers, and filters.

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Type K Thermocouple Amp Is Fast And Compact   September 6, 2016

Small Type K thermocouple amplifier with fast response targets industrial applications. More>>

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Acromag's New High-Density Signal Conditioning Modules Offer Bluetooth Wireless Technology Configuration of I/O Ranges and Alarms   June 9, 2016

Miniature isolated analog I/O modules are available with fixed or user-defined I/O ranges, configured wirelessly on a mobile app, to provide a high-performance front-end for data acquisition systems. More>>

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Standalone Signal Conditioner Supports Ratiometric and Standard AC LVDT and RVDTs   June 1, 2016

Signal Conditioner Measures the Voltage Difference Over the Sum More>>

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Signal Conditioner Simplifies LVDT Setup   January 28, 2016

S1A DIN rail AC-LVDT Signal Conditioner module reduces setup to just minutes while offering digital communications. More>>

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Tektronix Debuts Family of Compact, Standalone DC Electronic Loads   January 26, 2016

New Keithley Series 2380 Supports a Wide Range of DC Power Test Applications Including Power Electronics, LED Lighting, Battery Research, Automotive, Alternative Energy and More More>>

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Sensor Signal Conditioner Enhances Consumer Barometric Pressure and Thermopile Sensors   January 26, 2016

24-Bit High-Performance IC Enables Designs for High-Precision Measurement Systems More>>

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TTL I/O Modules Offer Cost-Effective Monitoring And Control   January 25, 2016

eI/O modules provide system designers with a compact, cost-effective alternative for monitoring and control.More>>

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Teledyne LeCroy's High-speed Digital Analyzer and Probing System Complete Mixed-Signal Solution   January 21, 2016

HDA125 High-speed Digital Analyzer adds 18-channel, 12.5-GS/s digital acquisition capabilities with QuickLink probing solution to Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscopes.More>>

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In-Line Signal Conditioner Takes On Rugged Rigors   January 4, 2016

IN-UVI in-line signal conditioner resides in a rugged stainless steel enclosure.More>>

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PCIe Card Records 16-Channel 960H Video with H.264 Encoding at Full-Frame Rate and Resolution   November 24, 2015

VRC7016XE Digital Video Recorder (DVR) PCI Express (PCIe) add-in card takes on professional video surveillance applications.More>>

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