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Battery-Powered Imaging Applications Require Unique Strategies   February 17, 2017

Peripherals not found on a smartphone, such as thermal image sensors or bar code scanners, are problematic for designers who want to build portable products and leverage some of the smartphone chip sets. Here we address these design challenges.More>>

Changing The Way Sensors Communicate Via Dual-Band Wireless Connectivity   February 10, 2017

Dual-band operation capabilities supporting both Sub-1 GHz and Bluetooth® low energy technologies opens up a new horizon of opportunities for building smarter wireless sensor networks.More>>

SCDA Framework Accelerates Large IoT Projects In Smart Cities   February 3, 2017

Smart Cities Decision Aid (SCDA) framework embarks as a new methodology that facilitates evaluation and management of sensor applications in large scale IoT projects for smart cities. This article summarizes a Capstone project, centered on the City of Atlanta’s Smart Pole Initiative.More>>

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Recording Camera Raises Sets A Benchmark For Size And Weight   January 27, 2017

EoSens Quad 1.1 high-speed recording camera is designed to meet the demands of high shock and vibration environments in a compact design.More>>

Single Contacts Provide Reliable Interconnections For IoT Applications   January 27, 2017

With the mass proliferation of internet-connected devices, compact, economical, and reliable connectors are a prerequisite for successful IoT applications.More>>

Contactless Torque and Position Sensing Paves the Road to Success for Electric Power Steering   January 20, 2017

The adoption of electric power steering in passenger vehicles is proceeding apace but its adoption in heavier commercial and industrial vehicles has been slow.More>>

Smart Home Sensors Differ From Other Types   January 13, 2017

Sensor manufacturers, integrators and device/appliance OEMs are beginning to realize the incredible market potential of smart homes this growing sector of the IoT sector.More>>

Force Sensing May change How Humans Interact With Domestic Appliances   January 6, 2017

Interfacing with home appliances has changed dramatically over the years, and will change even more.More>>

Mobile Phone Tracking Boosts Amusement Park Experience And Revenue   December 30, 2016

Tracking visitors’ mobile phones provides data that can minimize visitor wait times.More>>

Six Tech Talent Trends to Watch in 2017   December 23, 2016

Automation, Sensors, Controls, and Robotics executive search team believes there are six top talent trends that will shape the 2017 workforce.More>>

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