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FRAMs Perform As Low-Power Non-Volatile Memory In Smart Meter Apps   August 26, 2016

Ferroelectric random access memory (FRAM) exhibits low-power and high-endurance characteristics that make it suitable for smart e-meter applications.More>>

Battery Free Multi-Turn Absolute Encoder Boosts Servo-System Performance   August 19, 2016

Closed-loop servo system performance is greatly enhanced by using a compact, battery-free magnetic sensing multi-turn absolute encoder.More>>

Optical Sensors Are A Key Technology For The Autonomous Car   August 12, 2016

Optical sensors based on infrared lasers and LEDs are one of the key technologies for today’s and tomorrow’s intelligent systems that will ease burdens on drivers.More>>

An Encoder Trade Secret Revealed   August 5, 2016

This technical article sheds some light on a trade secret which has become an unfortunate and widespread aspect of ‘specmanship’ in the rotary sensor and angle encoder industry.More>>

Enhancing Education In IoT Development   July 29, 2016

IoT education will reinforce employment opportunities for future generations.More>>

Signal Conditioners Compensate For Temperature Sensor Drift   July 29, 2016

This article focuses on how to use sensor signal conditioner compensation techniques to address linear temperature drift.More>>

How Many Sensors are in a Drone, And What do they Do?   July 22, 2016

Let’s discuss some of the types of sensor technologies that power today’s drones.More>>

What If We Had Radar That Recognized Us From the Way We Walk?   July 15, 2016

The future Internet of Things (IoT) will operate with a broad stream of data supplied by sensors placed everywhere. These sensors will be many times smarter and more sensitive than ones we use today.More>>

The Role of Time of Flight Imaging Technology in Next Generation Vehicles   July 15, 2016

As the functionality built into modern cars expands plus the increasing time spent using portable devices (such as cell phones), the potential for distraction is only likely to increase.More>>

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ROHM and Mindteck Develop Breakthrough Wi-Fi Thermostat and Lighting Control Technologies   June 28, 2016

Sensor enables seamless integration of IoT and next-gen sensor networks More>>

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