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Volpi Group Partners With QIAGEN To Manufacture the Imaging Module for the GeneReader NGS Platform   February 8, 2016

GeneReader NGS System provides complete Sample to Insight Next Generation Sequencing solution.More>>

What Is LVIT And Where Does It Fit Into The Sensor World?   February 4, 2016

LVITs, Linear Variable Inductive Transducers, have been around for more than 30 years, and are a disruptive technology due to their relatively low cost and flexibility to be packaged in many different forms. More>>

Why Using A Plastics Machining Specialist For Instrumentation Equipment Is The Best Choice   January 29, 2016

A metal machining company may be able to make your plastic part, but chances are it will not work properly.More>>

Wireless Monitoring and Control in the Digital Oilfield Enhances Productivity and Protects the Environment   January 22, 2016

Until recently, oilfield operating parameters were typically monitored manually, however remote wireless monitoring enhances productivity and protects the environment.More>>

Sustainable Farming and the IoT: Cocoa Research Station in Indonesia   January 15, 2016

Monitoring the environment with Waspmote sensor technology and Cloud analytics helps Indonesian farmers improve cocoa production and face climate change.More>>

Immersing Capacitive Sensors in Water   January 15, 2016

Compared to gas-phase applications, immersing IDEs in water induces additional effects that make the capacitive read-out extremely complex.More>>

Pressure Sensor Construction Addresses Challenges in Wet Environments   January 8, 2016

In humid and wet environments, challenges are posed on how to operate the pressure sensor without allowing water into the back end of the sensors, causing the device to malfunction.More>>

Consumers want Smart Systems Not Smart Things   January 8, 2016

A new way to market sensors to the Smart HomeMore>>

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High-Power LED Emitters Outfit Optical Switches, Sensors, Scanners   January 4, 2016

High power, 950 nm LED emitters deliver typical power output up to 25 mW. More>>

The Effects of Cold Climates on Pressure Transmitters   December 18, 2015

If not properly specified to handle extreme environmental conditions, pressure transmitters can fail prematurely and cause catastrophic equipment failures.More>>

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