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New sensor chips, ADCs, DACs, amplifiers, and other electronic components for use in sensors.

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Digital Pressure Gauge Suits Wide Range Of Apps   March 22, 2017

PDC digital pressure gauge is suitable for many pressure measurement applications, such as mechanical engineering, plant construction, and hydraulics and pneumatics. More>>

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Cables Viable For Use In Daylight Harvesting Applications   March 22, 2017

Save energy and power by reducing consumption with dimmable lighting and controls. More>>

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Direct Mass Flow Meter Monitors Gas Flow   March 22, 2017

Compact ST75V Direct Mass Flow Meter Improves Process Control, Reduces Gas Costs and Increases Throughput More>>

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Mil-Spec Cable Assemblies Outfit Drones, Missiles, And More   March 22, 2017

Custom manufactured military cable assemblies and wire harnesses are electrically and mechanically tested with full lot-to-lot traceability. More>>

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Three-Axis Accelerometer Sports A Trim Figure   March 22, 2017

KXTJ3 3-axis accelerometer offers uncompromising value in a tiny, 2mm x 2mm x 0.9mm form factor. More>>

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2A, 2.5A and 3A Power Switches Provide USB Port Protection   March 22, 2017

Power switches are optimized for universal serial bus (USB) and other hot-swap applications. More>>

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Free-Filament Wire Strain Gages and Ceramic Cements for Extreme High-Temperature Environments   March 22, 2017

Micro-Measurements brand of Vishay Precision Group, Inc. introduces a new line of free-filament wire strain gages and ceramic cements, expressly designed for extreme high-temperature environments. More>>

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MicroLEDs for displays: how we can make it happen?   March 22, 2017

Enabling large scale microLED displays manufacturing requires to bring together 3 major disparate know-how and supply chain bricks. More>>

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MPS launched 180V, 16-Channel, Analog Switch Multiplexer for Ultrasound Applications    March 22, 2017

Analog Switch Multiplexer Requires No High-Voltage Supplies More>>

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Worldwide Biochemical Sensor Market is Expected to Reach US$58.48 bn by 2025   March 22, 2017

Companies Investing in Product Development to Remain Ahead of the Curve More>>

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