Best of Sensors Expo Award: Editor's Tips



How To Prepare a Winning Best of Sensors Expo Entry
Best of Sensors Expo 20125 tips for making sure your nomination gets the best possible consideration.

  1. Nominate a product that fits the judging criteria:
    • Timeliness & Availability—product must be new, and commercially released no earlier than June 8, 2012 but no later than June 4, 2013.
    • Distinctiveness—product must be unique or at least very different from others already on the market.
    • Potential Impact—product should have the potential to change the way people work.
    • Application—product should serve a real need.
    • On Display at Sensors Expo—product must be publicly viewable in your booth during the show for which you are nominating it.


  2. Get both engineering and marketing input so that the answers are both technically substantive and benefit oriented. It is better to err on the side of technical operation, since we care more about how an item works than about how many LEDs it has.


  3. Fill out the nomination form completely. Your answers to our questions are key in helping us to determine winners, so do not answer any with the phrase "see the attached press release." Take extra space on an attached sheet if need be to provide a full and meaningful explanation.


  4. Avoid general statements such as the following:
    Low cost (instead, quantify-and tell how it compares in cost to its competitors)
    Smallest (again, quantify-and tell how it compares in size to its competitors)


  5. Attach a news release or spec sheet and a photo of the product. A news release or spec sheet provides backup detail for reference. The photo simply gives the judges an idea of what the product looks like; it need not be a high-res, print-ready image.



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