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Pressure Sensors Market Expected to Grow     May 8, 2013

Global sales are predicted to reach more than $11 billion by end-2018, fuelled by increasing car production and technology advances, with Asia-Pacific expected to be the largest and fastest growing regional market.More>>

BHiveLab Launches Internet of Things Toolkit     May 7, 2013

Objctify is designed to help developers easily deploy Internet of Things applications.More>>

LMI Technologies Acquires 3D3 Solutions     May 2, 2013

The acquisition allows LMI to expand into rapidly growing 3D scanning markets such as 3D printing and provides access to fast 3D visualization and mesh processing algorithms.More>>

DATEL Introduces ADC for High-Temperature Applications     May 2, 2013

The ADS-1201 Series is a robust, 12-bit, 1 MHz sampling ADC that can operate in temperatures up to 200°C.More>>

Jenoptik, Phoenix Contact to Develop LED Machine Lights     May 1, 2013

This strategic collaboration between the two companies to develop intelligent LED machine lights is based on a long-term development and supply agreement concluded in 2012.More>>

Nivis to Open Source ISA100.11a, WirelessHART Platforms     May 1, 2013

Nivis announces open source availability for all software components for ISA100.11a and WirelessHART.More>>

Roboteq Backs RIO Project on Kickstarter     April 30, 2013

The Raspberry PI-based Robot Navigation Computer project on Kickstarter creates an intelligent I/O card with an optional ARHS module that fit onto the Raspberry PI Linux SBC.More>>

Infineon Offers High-Precision, Low-Power Hall Sensors     April 30, 2013

With its TLE496x Series, Infineon offers Hall sensors of high precision and high energy efficiency in ultra small SOT23 packages.More>>

ams Releases Automotive Reference Design     April 25, 2013

New reference design for automotive intelligent battery sensor’s flexible architecture enables use of latest ARM core automotive microcontrollers.More>>

LAPIS Semiconductor Introduces New Mini LP Micros     April 24, 2013

Microcontroller series combine small packaging, high computational performance and low power consumption; low cost, feature-rich devices ideal for embedded applications.More>>

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