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Automotive News
Broadcom, Freescale, and OmniVision Team Up     October 11, 2011

The joint effort has developed an Ethernet-based, 360°, surround-view parking assistance system accessible to a broad range of automobiles.More>>

DigitalGlobe and Ball Review WorldView Design     October 4, 2011

The successful WorldView-3 critical design review keeps the next-generation remote-sensing satellite on schedule for a mid-2014 launch, expanding the company’s ability to deliver comprehensive high-quality earth imagery and geospatial information.More>>

Measurement Specialties Acquires Celesco     October 4, 2011

The purchase adds a competitive long-stroke position technology to the MEAS portfolio.More>>

ULIS Seals Deal with Schneider Electric in U.S.     September 28, 2011

ULIS will supply infrared sensors for a new line of Pelco thermal imaging cameras.More>>

TRW Unveils Next-Generation Radar Concept     September 14, 2011

The new concept is a short-range scalable radar family that can enable lane-change assist, blind-spot detection, cross-traffic alert, side-impact sensing, and low-speed collision warning.More>>

Intelligent Systems Reshape Embedded Industry     September 13, 2011

According to IDC, embedded systems are evolving from fixed-function, disconnected systems to intelligent systems, bringing the "Internet of Things" closer to reality.More>>

Sprint, SmartLabs, and Proliphix Collaborate     September 13, 2011

The joint effort will make energy management tools available to businesses and consumers, with an eye on reducing energy costs and enhancing the effectiveness of the smart grid.More>>

SensorLogic Announces M2M Platform Upgrade     September 13, 2011

The new release offers enhanced cloud services and aims to accelerate M2M application development and deployment.More>>

Atmel Offers New DFN-Packaged LIN Transceivers     September 8, 2011

The single- and dual-LIN transceivers offer smaller packaging and wettable flanks to enable overall lower system cost.More>>

Ziptronix Signs Licensing Agreement with Sony     September 1, 2011

Sony will use Ziptronix's oxide bonding technology for backside illuminated imaging sensors.More>>