Sensonor Announces MEMS Gyro Breakthrough

January 14, 2010

The high-performance, multi-axis SIMU202 offers an alternative to FOG and mechanical devices on the market.

HORTEN, Norway /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Sensonor Technologies AS releases the SIMU202, a multi-axis high-performance gyro module, enabling safety critical applications in the aerospace and defense markets, offering an immediate choice to system designers to displace large, expensive, fragile, and prone-to-wear FOG or mechanical gyro sensors.

SIMU202 is a milestone in the continued efforts of Sensonor Technologies to expand the boundaries of MEMS gyro performance. SIMU202 is a multi-axis gyro module, with in-run bias stability of better than 2°/h and angular random walk as low as 0.2°/√Hz. These are the "best values ever reported for an industrialized MEMS gyro module." The input range is ±400°/s. The output signal is a 24-bit digital signal, calibrated over the entire temperature range. The excellent performance of the SIMU202 offers an alternative to FOG and mechanical gyros, which are the currently available technologies in the market place.

"Launch of SIMU202 is another step in realizing our vision of creating more stable, robust, and high-performance MEMS gyros to the marketplace, enabling a host of new applications and offering alternatives to FOG and RLG," commented Mr. Hans Richard Petersen VP of Sales and Marketing at Sensonor Technologies. "MEMS gyros continue to advance in displacing FOG and mechanical gyros, offering lower cost, more robustness in applications requiring safety critical performance in rough and demanding environments."

SIMU202 is an ideal gyro for a number of applications, including missile guidance, AHRS, platform stabilization, and drilling survey, to name just a few.

About Sensonor Technologies AS
Sensonor Technologies is a global leader in MEMS technology, designing and manufacturing advanced, integrated gyro and pressure-sensors for high-precision applications. Sensonor has 30 years experience developing and manufacturing reliable MEMS sensor solutions for harsh environments, involving high vibration, high shock, and difficult media. After pioneering the introduction of MEMS accelerometers to the automotive market, Sensor also became the leading supplier of tire pressure monitoring systems. Today, Sensonor provides enabling solutions to its valued customers in the aerospace, industrial, medical, defense, and automotive markets.

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