Innovate and CoorsTek Introduce EmiSense Technologies

November 25, 2009

New entity to offer next-generation emissions sensors for air quality and energy efficiency.

IRVINE, CA /PRNewswire/ -- Innovate! Technology and CoorsTek, Inc. announced a merger of assets, intellectual property, product lines, trade secrets, and capital into a new company to be known as EmiSense Technologies, LLC. Prior to this merger, the EmiSense research team developed advanced emissions sensor technology as a part of Ceramatec, a CoorsTek R&D subsidiary based in Salt Lake City. The new company integrates CoorsTek IP and high-volume global manufacturing capacity with Innovate's DirectDigital sensor technology and signal-processing patents.

"With EmiSense we now have the scale, IP and expertise required to fully commercialize our portfolio of smart sensors for clean emissions," states Patrick Thompson, CEO of EmiSense, and former founder & CEO of Innovate. "The challenge isn't solely in fabricating high-temperature, co-fired ceramics, or solely innovating superior signal-processing approaches; the challenge is combining these two critical pieces into integrated, cost-effective products."

"EmiSense is well positioned to convert breakthrough technologies into tangible products serving market-specific requirements," explains Doug Coors, Executive VP of CoorsTek. "CoorsTek has the global manufacturing capacity required to support the high-volume requirements of industrial and automotive supply chains."

The initial product focus of EmiSense Technologies includes high-speed, ruggedized oxygen or lambda (air/fuel ratio) sensors, electronic-field particulate matter (PM) sensors, and simplified NOx (oxides of nitrogen) sensors. "In a very real sense," states Mr. Thompson, "these products address the three basic emissions problems—NOx for smog, PM for soot, and Lambda for green house gases."

Ceramatec technical experts will continue to provide advanced diagnostic and analytical services to EmiSense Technologies—offering high-level tools and development resources normally outside the reach of competitive entities.

"Now that we have the critical components in place, our top priority is developing strategic channel partners," concluded CEO Thompson. "These are large and growing global markets, and the right alliances are critical. We believe we can provide everything required, in the form of proprietary components, for existing industrial and automotive manufacturers to expand strategic product offerings in the area of smart emissions sensors."

About EmiSense Technologies
With operations in California and Utah, EmiSense Technologies develops smart sensors for clean emissions. Clean combustion is the most impactful form of clean technology in the next decade. EmiSense products are critical enablers for next-generation ultra-efficient engines - helping address the problems of fossil-fuel dependence and climate change.

About CoorsTek
Established in 1910, CoorsTek is the largest technical ceramics manufacturer in North America, and a leading provider of components and advanced material solutions for the automotive, aerospace, telecom, semiconductor, medical, and general industrial markets. The company owns over two million square feet of manufacturing capacity in more than 20 facilities worldwide.

About Innovate! Technology
Based in Southern California, Innovate! Technology develops mixed-signal application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) for next-generation emissions sensors. Innovate's DirectDigital signal-processing technology won the 2008 SAE MIT "Best Innovation" competition.

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