From a Roar to a Purr

January 1, 2006 By: Melanie Martella, Sensors Sensors

One of the characteristics of luxury cars is how quiet it is within the passenger compartment. A smooth and quiet ride is an important part of the overall experience of the car. Vibration damping measurement for large diesel engines, as well as engines where some cylinders can be disconnected, is one of the more important applications for engine vibration measurement, especially as the proportion of diesel engines grows in upper middle and luxury class cars.

The challenge To actively damp engine vibration in diesel models of the Jaguar luxury car.
The challenge To actively damp engine vibration in diesel models of the Jaguar luxury car.

Reducing engine noise helps car designers achieve a much quieter ride, but to reduce that noise you have to measure and actively damp it. For the Jaguar XJ Series, launched in 2005, Avon Automotive engineers created the Vibramount system that enables them to eliminate as much as 90% of engine vibration in Jaguar's diesel models. During product development, Avon discovered that some accelerometers would start to resonate at high frequencies, disturbing the measurement. After testing VTI Technologies' overdamped acceleration sensors (which do not resonate at high frequencies) Avon incorporated two of VTI's broadband SCA610 Series MEMS accelerometers into each finished Vibramount system. Anyone for a test-drive?

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