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Rotary Position Hall IC

A monolithic programmable Triaxis Hall IC, the MLX90316 from Melexis Microelectronic Integrated Systems, Concord, NH, is designed for absolute noncontacting 360° rotary position sensors. The device, which features Sentron's integrated magneto-concentrator technology, measures both components of flux density parallel to the IC surface. A diametrically magnetized magnet rotating above the sensor induces sine and cosine signals and a smart DSP core computes high-accuracy angular information from the raw signals. (603-223-2362,

Chemically Resistant Sensors

Banner Engineering Corp., Minneapolis, MN, has added chemically resistant models to its U-GAGE line of ultrasonic level sensors. The devices have a Teflon flange and film coating bonded over the transducer and are available in all QT50U and most T30U models. QT50U models have a sensing range of 200 mm to 8 m and T30U models have a sensing range of 300 mm to 1.5 m. (800-809-7043,,

Handheld Calibrator

The DPI 880 from GE Industrial, Sensing, Billerica, MA, measures and sources milliamps, millivolts, volts, ohms, frequency, thermocouples, RTDs, pulses, and pressure; captures switch values; and provides 24 V loop power, allowing you to test switches, trips, and alarms and print the results. Other features include data logging capability, dual readings of both input and output parameters, a built-in HART loop resistor, and an Intelligent Digital Output Sensor, which lets you use plug-and-play pressure modules to cover 32 pressure ranges from 10 in. H2O to 10,000 psi. (800-833-9438,,

Trace Gas Measurement

The ESP-1000 from Picarro, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA, uses cavity ring-down spectroscopy to perform ultrasensitive trace gas measurement. The high-resolution laser absorption technique results in ppb sensitivity levels without extensive sample preparation or user interaction. Current applications include semiconductor manufacturing, petrochemical refining, environmental monitoring, and diesel emissions analysis. (408-962-3932,,

Hybrid Ultrasonic Flowmeter

The Fuji Electric Duosonics from TTI Instruments, Williston, VT, is a noninvasive, clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter that automatically switches between Pulse Doppler and Transit Time technologies, depending on fluid conditions in the pipe. Pulse Doppler measures flow when there are suspended solids or when the fluid is dirty while Transit Time measures flow when the fluid is clean. (800-235-8367,,

Integrated Motion Sensor

The iSensor ADIS16201 from Analog Devices Inc., Norwood, MA, combines a ±1.7 g ADXL203 2-axis accelerometer, a digital temperature sensor, power management circuitry, and embedded firmware and is designed for industrial applications such as platform stabilization, machine vibration detection, and motion and position measurement. The 9 X 9 mm device features factory-calibrated sensitivity and bias levels, the ability to modify the frequency response through digital filtering, and dual alarm settings with user-defined rate/threshold limits and interrupt control. (800-262-5643,

Design, Control, Test Software

LabVIEW 8 software from National Instruments, Austin, TX, now offers capabilities to let you design, distribute, and synchronize intelligent devices and systems; a new project-based environment for large-scale applications; and simplified instrument control. This latest release also includes significant updates to the LabVIEW Real-Time Module, FPGA Module, PDA Module, and Datalogging and Supervisory Control Module. The software extends graphical programming into test and control systems. (800-258-7022,,

Wireless Sensor Telemetry Systems

Series 500 Wireless Link sensor telemetry systems from SRI PMD, Inc., Melbourne, FL, communicate over the 915 or 868 MHz ISM bands, providing real-time connectivity between sensors or transducers and instrumentation. The ST-540 transmitter and companion SR-540 receiver provide a proportional ±10 VDC and digital USB output. Each transmitter has up to 8 active sensor channels, sample rates are up to 17,000 sps, and communication range is up to 500 ft. LOS. (321-254-2580,,

Modular Data Logging System

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