Aerospace/Military/Homeland Security News
Agilent Technologies Announces EXA Signal Analyzer     May 2, 2012

The cost-effective millimeter-wave signal analysis solution covers frequencies up to 44 GHz and up to 325 GHz with external mixing.More>>

Olympus Launches New Opto-Digital Solution     May 2, 2012

DSX Series micro-imaging and metrology system now available in the U.S.More>>

AeroVironment Wins $3.6 Million Order from USMC     May 1, 2012

The U.S. Marine Corps will buy the company's RQ-11B Raven small unmanned aircraft systems.More>>

austriamicrosystems introduces Lightning Sensor IC     May 1, 2012

The revolutionary AS3935 Franklin Lightning Sensor is capable of detecting lightning up to 40 km away.More>>

Sofradir Shows the Future In Infrared Detection     April 26, 2012

Sofradir will demo what it considers to be the future industry standard for infrared (IR) detection in high performance systems, a prototype 10-micron pixel pitch MWIR, at SPIE DSS in Baltimore.More>>

Sercos, ODVA, OPC Simplify Machinery Integration     April 26, 2012

Demonstrate machinery, and systems networking with Sercos III and EtherNet/IP.More>>

Intrinsic-ID Enables Secure Boot Software Authentication     April 26, 2012

Unique SafeKey secure boot feature on Dialog Semiconductor's SC14453S VOIP processor is based on hardware intrinsic security technology.More>>

NASA Tests GPS Monitoring System for U.S. Earthquakes     April 25, 2012

The READI Mitigation Network will use real-time GPS measurements to calculate the characteristics of large U.S. earthquakes to aid early warning and disaster relief efforts.More>>

ULIS debuts I2C infrared sensor Pico384E     April 25, 2012

New 17-micron thermal sensor with standard serial link simplifies IR camera designs, enhancing compatibility with large-scale visible camera production.More>>

Southern Research Wins Sub-Contract from BANC3     April 24, 2012

The sub-contract is for support and technology assistance for the U.S. Army's Warrior Enabling Broad Sensor (WEBS) Project.More>>

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