Aerospace/Military/Homeland Security News
Ramtron, ROHM Sign F-RAM Product Manufacturing Agreement     July 24, 2012

Ramtron places initial F-RAM product orders on ROHM’s production-ready F-RAM line.More>>

Octal Ultrasound Receiver Reduces Processor Overhead     July 24, 2012

Analog Devices’ AD9670 octal ultrasound receiver with digital I/Q demodulator and decimation filter captures and conditions ultrasound RF signals to ease FPGA processing burden in cart-based and portable ultrasound equipment.More>>

LXI Consortium Announces IPv6 Extended Function Adoption     July 19, 2012

The adoption ensures a consistent approach to IPv6 support from LXI vendor companies.More>>

CMU Lab to Test New ID Technology Using the Human Foot     July 19, 2012

Carnegie Mellon University's Biometrics Center has been selected to house the new Pedo-Biometrics Research and Identity Automation Lab.More>>

National Committee IDs Steps to Invigorate Manufacturing     July 18, 2012

The committee, which includes university and industry Experts list 16 recommendations to 'Invigorate' U.S. Manufacturing by enabling innovation, retaining talent, and improving the business climate.More>>

Kistler Offers Flight Test Accelerometer Technologies     July 18, 2012

The company's piezoelectric and variable capacitive sensors are now available for flight test applications.More>>

Argonne and Evigia Finalize Licensing Agreement     July 17, 2012

The arrangement covers next-gen RFID sensor technology that combines regulatory authority–certified packages with patented e-seals, secure wireless interrogators, and the ARG-US software suite to monitor and track nuclear material.More>>

Standex Acquires Meder     July 12, 2012

The acquisition expands the company’s engineered product portfolio, worldwide sales, and engineering infrastructure.More>>

Zephyr Unveils Physiology Monitoring System     July 10, 2012

The PSM Training ECHO can monitor, transmit, and log the physiological status of up to 50 athletes simultaneously, using a new communications system, which allows coverage of an area larger than two American football fields, with no dead zones.More>>

ITT Exelis Acquires Space Computer     July 5, 2012

This acquisition expands the company’s technical ability to help customers collect and expediently process critical data to support decision making.More>>

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