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Thermistors As Accurate Temperature Sensors Part 2: Application and Results   May 1, 2013

In Part 2 of this two-part article we apply our method to a real-world application and show how, by combining estimation methods with thermistor characterization data, we can achieve high accuracy measurements over a wide temperature range using the simple voltage divider circuit we described in...More>>

Thermistors As Accurate Temperature Sensors Part 1: Introduction and Methods   April 1, 2013

This two-part article describes how to use a simple voltage divider circuit with a thermistor to achieve high-accuracy temperature readings over broad measurement ranges. Part one discusses the circuit and various temperature estimation methods.More>>

Change Is Afoot in the Data Acquisition Market   November 1, 2012

VDC has partnered with <i>Sensors</i> magazine to assemble comprehensive demand-side and supply-side studies on the market for data acquisition (DA) systems, examining the respective markets for external chassis and module products, plug-in analog I/O board bus architectures/form factors, and...More>>

Steel Manufacturing Could Use More Sensing and Analysis   August 1, 2012

New manufacturing plants and retrofits in the steel-making industry present growth opportunities for sensor vendors.More>>

Understanding Linear Position Sensing Technologies   July 1, 2012

A variety of linear position sensing technologies is currently available. When choosing the right one for a specific application it is important to understand the differences in performance among them.More>>

Ultra-high-speed Quad ADCs Bring Flexibility to Your System   June 1, 2012

Ultra-high-speed ADCs, no longer limited to use in military or high-energy scientific applications, are being applied to a broader range of industries.More>>

Testing a High-Survivability, High-Shock 20,000 g Accelerometer, Part 2: Device Characterization and High-Shock Testing   April 1, 2012

The second part of this two-part article continues our description of the methods used to characterize the Endevco high-shock, high-survivability accelerometer, including the results obtained from testing in simulated environments.More>>

Testing a High-Survivability, High-Shock 20,000 g Accelerometer, Part 1: Preliminary Prototype Testing   March 1, 2012

This two-part article introduces Meggitt's lightly damped, mechanically stopped, high-survivability, Endevco 20,000 g shock accelerometer. Part 1 focuses on the results from preliminary prototype testing of sensor dynamic properties while Part 2 will discuss further device characterization and...More>>

The Growing World of the Image Sensors Market   February 1, 2012

The combination of technological advances and an increase in the number of image sensor applications has fueled the growth of the world image sensors market.More>>

Potentiometers: A Proven Position Sensing Solution that Every Engineer Needs to Consider in Modern Designs   October 1, 2011

Potentiometers have been the mainstay of position measurement for more than a century, and recent advancements are boosting their capabilities; here's what you need to know to choose and use potentiometers effectively. More>>

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