VTI Introduces “Smart” Dynamic Signal Analyzers

February 1, 2012

The 4th Generation SentinelEX dynamic signal analyzers feature improved performance, cloud data management, design tools, and hardware.

IRVINE, CA -- VTI Instruments Corp. is pleased to announce the introduction of the SentinelEX Series of "Smart" Dynamic Signal Analyzers (DSA). SentinelEX, VTI Instruments' 4th generation of "Smart" dynamic signal analyzers, builds upon a proud legacy established in the 1980's by continuing to deliver the most trusted solutions to the noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) marketplace.

Measurement performance is elevated to new levels with 625 Ksps/channel data rates, true differential inputs with superior common mode performance (CMRR of –120 dB) reducing unwanted noise and interference, an industry leading spurious free dynamic range (SFDR of –125 dB) offering exceptional measurement fidelity, and uncompromised IEPE excitation flexibility, fully programmable from 2 mA to 20 mA, to maximize transducer performance and response.

Access to corporate wide cloud data management delivers advanced test data availability, security and storage services throughout the organization, while AXI-based open-platform FPGA synthetic instrument customization extends traditional hardware performance by combining nearly unlimited user-defined computational, processing, and control possibilities. Industry standard MATLAB and Simulink and other model based design tools simplify implementation, maximize re-usability, and provide access to hundreds of standard filters and algorithms such as real-time distributed analysis.

Industry standard MATLAB and Simulink and other model based design tools simplify implementation, maximize re-usability, and provide access to hundreds of standard filters and algorithms such as real-time distributed analysis. Hardware enhancements also include comprehensive runtime health monitoring and self-calibration, without the need to disconnect external transducer cabling, for uninterrupted system level confidence and peace of mind. Precision distributed measurement synchronization is accomplished utilizing IEEE 1588 (precision time protocol) ensuring that test data is time correlated, whether the instrumentation is centrally located or distributed around the test article.

"The SentinelEX Series is a perfect fit for a broad range of applications including acoustics, modal, order analysis, and machine condition monitoring, as well as general purpose high speed digitization and signal analysis," said Chris Gibson, VTI's Business Development Manager. "Part of the largest worldwide install-base of DSA instrumentation, these innovative products are the gold standard for physical measurements, delivering unmatched confidence and performance."

All development activities have been based on open-architecture design methodologies, resulting in a level of hardware and software independence not available in previous generations of DSA instrumentation. Industry standard drivers and programming interfaces support all major programming environments, and complete turn-key solutions, such as X-Modal III Modal Analysis Software and SO Analyzer, are available and supported through VTI Instruments Corporation.

About VTI Instruments
VTI delivers precision instrumentation for electronic signal distribution, acquisition, and monitoring, which is used in the world's most demanding test applications. Our solutions provide reliable data, first time, every time. Serving the aerospace and defense, power generation, energy, automotive and commercial electronics industries, VTI's solutions allow our customers to optimize their capital investment through product longevity while ensuring unmatched measurement integrity and data reliability. ISO 9001 certified, with plants in the U.S., Europe and Asia, worldwide product support is provided through a network of VTI certified engineering representatives. VTI is a sponsor member of the VXI Consortium, a founding member of the LXI Consortium and an active member of the VITA open standards organization.

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