Toroidal conductivity sensor paired with Modbus-equipped transmitter delivers reliable conductivity and concentration monitoring in a single package.

BXT2-17TF two-Stage, cooled, packaged infrared (IR) detector integrates a 4.67-µm optical bandpass silicon filter.

DuPont Delrin and Zytel HTN have been selected by the IEM (Ingénierie Électronique et Monétique) Group for the development of its PrestoSense smart parking…

ams audio chips claim world-class noise-cancelling performance in two new wireless headphones from FIIL

CEVA partners with LG Electronics to deliver a high-performance, low-cost smart 3D camera for consumer electronics and robotic applications.

Infinite Dimensions Integration selects Green Hills Software’s INTEGRITY-178 tuMP multicore operating system for an airborne demonstrator of the FACE Basic…

Processors integrate security features to protect connected cars against hackers and cybersecurity threats.

Silent Switcher2 architecture minimizes hot-loop areas.