The PITe sensor offers a simple compact design, is maintenance-free, and exhibits almost no pressure drop.

Hall-effect-based current sensor IC integrates low-power conductors and up to 4.8 kVRMS galvanic isolation.

ILPS-45 series inductive, contactless linear position sensor enlists LVIT technology.

The walls are talking via a wallplate access point and switch with embedded IoT capability.

Ambient lighting market forecast to reach $96.09 Billion by 2023 from $46.48 Billion.

SecureRF Collaborates with Intel to secure future IoT designs.

Americans embrace smart technology to alert police during emergencies.

Encapsulated power modules are safety approved for EN60950-1 (ITE) and EN60335-1 (Household Appliance).

Lower standoff voltage options help protect lower-voltage power buses against electrostatic discharge (ESD).