Interoperability testing event marks important step toward commercialization of MIPI I3C designs for smartphones, IoT, automotive, and other applications.

MEMS technology allows for highly accurate, small, lightweight devices.

Goodix’s Live Finger Detection fingerprint sensor wins Gold Edison Award in Applied Technology category.

In addition to small cell format ultracapacitor products and technologies, the Nesscap business includes research, development and manufacturing of energy…

The 15W THN 15WIR dc/dc converter family consists of 27 models offering ultra-wide 4:1 input ranges.

Automotive inductor features 190A saturation current for 20% inductance reduction and continuous operation to +155°C.

Sony launches two 1/3” sensors in the second generation of its CMOS Global Shutter image sensors - the IMX273 and the IMX287.

Next-gen heartrate sensor for wearable cuts power consumption by 80%.