Data acquisition (DAQ) unit provides up to 24 channels for 4/8 channel Teledyne LeCroy high definition oscilloscopes.

Test system puts next generation controls for medium altitude long endurance (MALE) drones through their paces.

Latest LoRaWAN protocol simplifies device deployment and use across multiple networks for cost-effective worldwide tracking.

Suite includes wireless-enabled firmware, adaptive audio algorithms, development software, and cross-platform software development kit (SDK) for Ezairo DSP…

CEVA and Brodmann17 partner to deliver a 20x increase in artificial intelligence performance in smartphones, drones, cars, surveillance cameras, etc.

Compact, versatile smart sensor responds to four different trigger actions to help users automate,
track, and improve[!?] their lives.

Caringo demonstrates how to securely streamline content creation, curation, and storage workflows.

Model 2018 3-Electrode FLAT GDTs feature large flat top surface and lighter weight.

StateMonitor software is groomed for computer numerical control (CNC) manufacturing personnel implementing connected systems as part of the Industry 4.0…